Perfect manicure at home

Now, during a pandemic, when we are forced to be in self-isolation, many are faced with the question: how do a manicure at home when beauty salons are closed? We decided not to stand aside and help the beautiful half of humanity with recommendations for hand care at home. Tools and products for home manicures 1. Make … Read more

New Year’s manicure 2022: TOP-10 ideas

We didn’t have time to look back, as December 31 was already right there! The hot time has come when girls need the best New Year’s manicure, but they themselves often do not know what they want. We will help with inspiration for those who are planning nail design for themselves, and those who are going to … Read more

How to choose e file bits for manicure and pedicure

Manicure is increasingly replacing the usual edged manicure. This is not surprising: It is more gentle and safe. Its effect lasts longer. Painful sensations are almost absent. All you need to get started is to buy a manicure machine and choose suitable attachments for it: burs, grinders, polishers, and so on. This article will talk … Read more

How to clean e file bits

Cleaning cutters and e file bits It is necessary to remove material particles from the nozzle. It is made to make the cutter last longer and a preparatory stage before sterilization. E file bits tips should be thoroughly cleaned – with proper care, and they will serve no worse than diamond ones. The same can be said for … Read more