How to make a Korean manicure “Aurora”

Aurora nails, or simply “Aurora”, is a new product that came to us from South Korea in April. The translucent airy design quickly conquered social networks and all nail lovers with its rainbow highlights.

The most fashionable design of the spring-summer season comes from the resemblance to the aurora borealis Aurora Borealis. Now everyone can embody the shimmer of pearls and the effect of glass on their nails!

What are the advantages of Korean manicure?

  • Aurora is perfect for short nails, unlike many other shiny designs. It was a photo of a manicure with overflows on short nails that conquered the Internet;
  • Thanks to the transparent base, such a manicure looks incredibly easy, suitable even for those who observe a strict dress code and fit into any image;
  • If rubbing, kamifubuki and ordinary designs with foil no longer seem to be something unusual, then the Korean “Aurora” will set you apart from the crowd and attract the attention of others;
  • The trendy coating can be applied to all nails or used as separate elements – for example, in the form of volumetric drops, hearts and other shapes;

Method number 1

There are two different options for creating a Korean “Aurora” on the nails, each of which is easy to implement at home and does not require a large budget. You will need a camouflage base, a top without a sticky layer, rub, and foil in the first case.

  1. Apply a camouflage base in one of the natural shades to your nail and cure it with a lamp.
  2. The next layer is a top without a sticky layer, and it is also dried in a lamp.
  3. On the dried top, apply your favourite rub – for example, “Unicorn” or rainbow.
  4. Apply a non-stick top and dry the finish.
  5. Add a drop of base or special glue for fixing to the centre of the nail, and press a piece of foil firmly on top and dry gently in a lamp.
  6. Coat your nails with another layer of base or top for a smoother and more even surface.
  7. Finally, secure the resulting manicure with a final coat of the top.

Method number 2

The second option for creating a manicure, “Aurora”, differs from applying layers to the nail and requires a coloured substrate. For it, you need a base, gel polish of a delicate pastel shade, a top without a sticky layer, foil and rub.

  1. Press a few small pieces of foil to the nail’s surface, then dry the result in a lamp.
  2. Apply a clear base and dry the finish.
  3. Apply a thin layer of gel polish on the dried base – for example, milky or pink. Add pearl shimmers with rub in.
  4. Finally, cover your nails with a glossy top.

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