What do we know about reflective gel polish

By themselves, varnishes and pigments that reflect artificial light appeared a long time ago – among them, in particular, popular luminescent compounds that glow in the dark, as well as rubbing, which allows you to achieve a similar effect of unique flicker. The fundamental difference between reflective gel polishes lies in the smallest particles of plastic or glass, which refract the rays and shine brighter than glitter. In daylight, such a manicure does not attract much attention and resembles the effect of holographic sand, but LEDs or a flash can do real magic with it!

Benefits of reflective gel polish

  • Persistent shine that does not lose brightness after applying a top coat or exposure to ultraviolet light;
  • Ideal for creative photo shoots and explosive parties;
  • Safe for nails;
  • Reflective effect from the first layer, which you can easily apply even at home;
  • Save time and money – no more need to rub a special pigment into your nails!

How to make a manicure with a reflective effect

The principle of applying reflective gel polish on nails is no different from working with conventional coatings: it is enough to use a base and then one or two layers of the chosen colour. It is best to cover the manicure with a glossy top, which will emphasize the shine instead of matte.

The colour palette of the released collections is relatively standard, and if you want to add variety to the manicure, then combine the reflective gel polish with designs or use a colour base as a base. The LONGE Nail-bar brand has collected the most unusual and trendy shades of bases, gel polishes and tops for nails: Color bases, which are suitable as an independent coating or a base for a shining manicure, daring reflective Orgasm gel polishes and tops with a dreamy effect that will make your nails shimmer with any layer!

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