How red manicure became a classic

We study when and for what reason red nails became the primary trend in the nail industry.

Recently we have already told the story of the emergence of manicure as a process of nail care. Now let’s dwell on the evolution of the legendary red colour.

First appearance

Red became fashionable long before our era – the tradition of showing your social status with the help of manicure in its shades began in ancient Egypt. The darker the nails were, the richer their owner was considered. One of the easiest colours to obtain was red: for example, Queen Cleopatra chose terracotta, which henna gave, and Nefertiti, ruby. Later, in ancient China, the first paint made from pink and scarlet petals was invented, used by both women and men.

Peak of popularity

1932 was a turning point for the entire nail industry thanks to the discovery of the modern nail polish formula by Charles Revson. As the palette grew from cream to a wide variety of colours, red instantly began to be used in advertising posters and Hollywood – scarlet nails attracted attention and looked good in the frame. Moreover, some of the most famous actresses of their time, Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth, preferred red manicures, symbolising sophistication and charm.

In the post-war years, nail polishes were available to the mass buyer so that everyone could afford a manicure like a movie star. So red entered all fashion trends, where it continues thanks to popular culture and fashion catwalks.

Benefits of red manicure

However, a red manicure is popular and in-demand among girls, not only because of Hollywood actresses and fashion trends. It has undeniable advantages that not all colours can boast of:

  • Variety of shades  – the red color range is represented by an incredible variety of warm and cold shades, among which there is sure to be one that suits your skin type and image;  
  • A bright accent  – red will add rich colors and elegance to even the most boring everyday look;
  • Color combination  – red shades look most advantageous together with black, gold, silver, white, green and other colors;
  • Variation  – the red color looks organically on both long and short nails, giving them a well-groomed and austere look, and is also suitable for any type of design – from ombre to jacket.

However, this colour also has its drawbacks  – the slightest defects of the nail plate and burrs become more noticeable after applying the red coating. Therefore such a manicure especially requires the care of the cuticle, side rollers and, if necessary, alignment of the nail plate.

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