Life hacks for winter hand and nail care

How can you help delicate skin during cold periods and keep your nails healthy? We share helpful life hacks, thanks to which your hands will always look young and well-groomed!

Dry and irritated skin is not uncommon in winter when temperatures drop below freezing. The skin’s protective barrier needs help to cope with the weather conditions. We have compiled a few tips for you that will help you save yourself from the cold and wind and preserve the beauty of your hands and nails.

1. Don’t forget about household gloves

Our hands are exposed to harsh chemicals every day: window and surface cleaners, dishwashing liquids and other solutions containing ingredients that negatively affect the skin. Dryness, peeling, irritation is not the whole list of what you can face if you do not use special gloves that prevent household chemicals from touching the skin.

Maintain the durability of manicure and the softness of the delicate skin of your hands – always protect your hands, not only when going outside but also when doing household chores.

2. File rather than trim the cuticle

The regrown cuticle spoils the appearance of any manicure. Therefore, in the process of wearing the coating, you need to take care of it yourself. You should not cut the skin with nippers at home: firstly, there is a risk of injury and infection, and secondly, with a trimmed manicure, the cuticle grows faster and becomes more rigid.
Masters recommend filing it with particular files and pushing it aside with an orange stick – this way, the nails will always look neat.

 More accurate with an antiseptic

Antiseptic gels and sprays have become an integral part of our life for a long time. They kill germs, viruses, harmful bacteria and destroy fungi. Modern products are suitable for treating bit surfaces, tools, equipment and leather, but they should be handled with care.

Excessive use of antiseptics hurts your hands – the alcohol in their composition dries out the skin and accelerates the ageing process. To eliminate the risk of peeling, remember to wash your hands, apply moisturizer, and leave antiseptic solutions as a last resort.

4. Always remove cuticles after showering

We significantly often want to take a hot shower in winter – don’t forget about the cuticles. Once a day, after water procedures, gently move the regrown skin in the direction from the free edge to the matrix, then it will not grow and spoil the appearance of the manicure.

It is best to use an orange stick for this, which gently moves the cuticle and does not injure the nail, unlike a pusher, with which a beginner should be careful. 

5. Use a massage candle for nails

 A massage candle is a real gift for your hands! Natural beeswax and oils, vitamins A and E moisturize and soften the skin, making it velvety and enveloping it with an incredible aroma. Cranberry and jasmine, basil, sandalwood and chocolate – give yourself the best finish to your manicure session!

6. Exfoliate your skin

The hand coda needs exfoliation just like the rest of the body. Masters recommend carrying out the procedure regularly to remove dead cells, make the skin smooth and velvety, and enhance the effect of a cream or mask.

Use exfoliating scrubs every 1 to 2 weeks to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful in frosty weather.

7. Moisturizing soap and petroleum jelly

Swap out your regular hand soap for a creamy, moisturizing soap with a soft texture that envelops your skin without drying out. Popular antibacterial formulations often contain alkalis that destroy the skin’s stratum corneum. On the other hand, moisturizing soap with oils and plant extracts nourishes and fills the epithelium with all the necessary elements, thanks to which the skin does not dry out and shines.

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