Manicure 2022: Beautiful Nail Designs

Fashion manicure 2022 Beautiful Nail Designs 2022 Matte theme Lace manicure Original moon manicure Ombre in red Bright stamping All fashion magazines are already full of ideas for an autumn-winter manicure. They were leading nail masters to offer their clients a fall 2021 2022 manicure focusing on New Year’s trends. And not in vain! After all, it’s … Read more

What do we know about reflective gel polish

By themselves, varnishes and pigments that reflect artificial light appeared a long time ago – among them, in particular, popular luminescent compounds that glow in the dark, as well as rubbing, which allows you to achieve a similar effect of unique flicker. The fundamental difference between reflective gel polishes lies in the smallest particles of … Read more

How red manicure became a classic

We study when and for what reason red nails became the primary trend in the nail industry. Recently we have already told the story of the emergence of manicure as a process of nail care. Now let’s dwell on the evolution of the legendary red colour. First appearance Red became fashionable long before our era – the … Read more

Life hacks for winter hand and nail care

How can you help delicate skin during cold periods and keep your nails healthy? We share helpful life hacks, thanks to which your hands will always look young and well-groomed! Dry and irritated skin is not uncommon in winter when temperatures drop below freezing. The skin’s protective barrier needs help to cope with the weather conditions. We have … Read more

Types and benefits of nail sliders

Manicure with drawings is one of the trendiest designs of the season. Nail sliders will help you stay in trend and shine this summer. Let’s figure it out now! What are their advantages, what types are there and how to apply them correctly? Sliders are a real lifesaver for anyone who dreams of creative designs with lettering, … Read more

How to make a Korean manicure “Aurora”

Aurora nails, or simply “Aurora”, is a new product that came to us from South Korea in April. The translucent airy design quickly conquered social networks and all nail lovers with its rainbow highlights. The most fashionable design of the spring-summer season comes from the resemblance to the aurora borealis Aurora Borealis. Now everyone can … Read more

How to choose the length and shape of nails

Probably, every girl faced the throes of choice: to leave the length or make it shorter? Change the shape of the nails or keep the same? A competent master will always tell you what is right for you, depending on the condition and natural characteristics of the nail plate, but what about a manicure at home? The … Read more

Perfect manicure at home

Now, during a pandemic, when we are forced to be in self-isolation, many are faced with the question: how do a manicure at home when beauty salons are closed? We decided not to stand aside and help the beautiful half of humanity with recommendations for hand care at home. Tools and products for home manicures 1. Make … Read more

New Year’s manicure 2022: TOP-10 ideas

We didn’t have time to look back, as December 31 was already right there! The hot time has come when girls need the best New Year’s manicure, but they themselves often do not know what they want. We will help with inspiration for those who are planning nail design for themselves, and those who are going to … Read more